Where It All Begins

For those who’ve already started imagining their dream home and prefer to build to your own design, this service will take your ideas and run with them. We work with sketches, collected images, magazine pictures, building plans and collaborate with you to make it happen. Our expert design team will help you visualize what’s possible within a budget that works for you.

Let Us Design Your Dream Home

From start to finish our professional team will lead clients through the project from site observation, conceptual design, design development to material selections and landscaping. The conceptual design is presented as a one of a kind hand sketched design to help you visualize the whole house in photorealistic detail. All construction drawings are prepared and authorized by certified civil engineers and architects to ensure there are no difficulties obtaining necessary building permits and permissions.

“ A home allows us to plant roots in our communities. It’s the literal and figurative foundation of our strongest relationships. The very best designed homes are unique. They stand out just as they seamlessly fit into the surrounding landscape.”

Loch Builders and Design Group